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June 28th 2012

Gun Show Report

The representation and table display for the gun show went well with good feedback received from show goers as well as from fellow exhibitors. Our table display was strong with Nihonto and our club banner in full display on a stand behind us. Kudos go to Matsui-Sensei for the new club banner in Kanji and Romanji, and to Glenn for constructing the frame and stand assembly - which I painted a nice charcoal-black a couple days before the show. Table coverings, flyers, and caution signs were provided by myself as well. We took 4th place in the gun show's ranking of best tables at the end of the show to our pleasant surprise.

On Saturday. we had a good amount of interested spectators stopping by the JSSH booth to enjoy the displays and asking questions about the swords and the club in general. I estimate we handed out around 250 flyers. Matsui-Sensei led the show with a nice variety of Nambokucho and Kamakura blades, a beautiful handachi koshirae in same (ray skin) and tsuba. Glenn, Al Keliikuloa, and I also brought some our personal collection to add to the display. Glenn's display was mostly Koto and earlier. Mine was a mix of Koto, Shinto, and Shinshinto wakizashi, gendai katana and a big Muromachi Fuyuhiro yari and reference books.

We kept the visitors enthralled with our humble sharing of our knowledge of Nihonto...

Sunday's show was well attended although not as crowded as the day before. Ken and Linda arrived in gi and hakama to lend Japanese sword flavor to our exhibit. Linda's personal blade is more than just that. I am not at liberty to disclose the swordsmith, but it's truly a work of art from a good smith. Saijo saku is all I can say... =)

Thanks to our volunteers, Theo, Nishida, Endre, Kendrick, Ken, and Linda we were all able to enjoy recesses and browse the show floor. Gun shows are always interesting with the variety of firearms, accessories and memorabilia. Custom knives, flashlights, ammo, everything you can think of was there for sale. Bushido Hawaii (Bob Benson) had an impressive table with nihonto, tsuba, koshirae, and reference books offered. Woody Hall, togishi was also there to lend his help with Bob's table. Some of you may know that Woody is a fine polisher with an award from NBTHK for Diligence. He has done several of my own blades and never fails to impress with his patience and skill. If your have any blades to polish or need work, contact me and I can help put you in touch with Woody.

See you at the JSSH meeting.

George Garcia

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