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Annual Sword Exhibition

July 15th 2012


The Japanese Sword Society of Hawaii is pleased to present the first annual Exhibit of Japanese Swords at Soto Mission of Hawaii. The JSSH warmly welcomes and invites all interested parties to attend this exceptional event, the first of its kind in Hawaii in 50 years.

The exhibition will be comprised of an extensive range of some of the world's finest Samurai-era art and weaponry, including swords by important swordsmiths, sword furniture, full suits of armor, and various other Samurai objects, all of outstanding quality. The sword collection represents a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in Japan or Japanese culture to experience a quintessential element of Japanese aesthetics. Along with swords approaching 800 years of age, contemporary blades are also to be included in the exhibit, reminding us that sword-making is a living art.

Of particular note, swords made by many well-known sword smiths will be on display. Representative work from the five styles of Japanese sword making, including examples from numerous historical periods, is a key feature of the exhibit, as well as award-winning koshirae and tosogu (sword mounts and fittings). Many of the artists included were among the most well-known of their respective eras.

Also on view will be a collection of The Hawaii Bonsai Association's premier trees, in addition to Ukiyo-e and Calligraphy presentations by Mr. Robyn Buntin, and Togishi demonstrations (Japanese sword polishing) by Mr. Robert Benson and Mr. Woodrow Hall. A traditional Lion Dance will be performed by the Asia Arts Association, headed by Sifu Vernon Rieta.

The exhibition will be held on September 29-30 at the Soto Mission's main hall, 1708 Nuuanu Avenue, Honolulu 96817, with free parking. Tickets are $10.00 at the door. Please contact Dr. Glenn Hayashi, Exhibit Chairman, at 597-1624, or Albert Keliikuloa at 554-6846 for more information.


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